Friday, January 7, 2011

Progress to Promise- Day 07, 2011 "Whose Son are You?"

Progress to promise Devotional: Day 07, 2011- Whose SON are You? (reading 1 Sam. 17:49-58)
In the battle of David and Goliath, as the giant advanced toward David, David advanced toward the giant, full of faith.  As the armies on both sides watched the giant fall and David take of his head with the Philistine sword, the army of the God was empowered and chased the Philistine soldiers away wounding and slaying some as they went. As king saul watched this take place, he inquired of David and kepts him on as a soldier.
Show yourself strong as you stand face to face with life struggles, remember that others are watching you that may be enduring the same issues or circumstances. so instead of those giants of struggles, finances, unforgiveness, anger or whatever your dealing with overtaking you, You over take them.  Run towards your problems not away from them, full of faith that God is able to deliver you from them, and slay those hinderances of fear and when you have conquerored them, those watching will be empowered to conqueror their own. As you continue to stand in faith towards God, even those in kingly places of authority in the earth will inquire of you, because of your peace, your strength and your faith,
"Whose Son is this youth." 1 Sam. 17:55.

Walk full of the faith, without wavering, continuing steadfast in prayer and fasting before the Lord of Host to continue to kill the flesh, that His Spirit may be poured out in you to overflowing!  Then they will know your father is the Lord! blessings!
Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

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