Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, We need each other!

As you plunge into 2011 Remember you are not alone in your ups, downs, disappointments, etc. Someone else in the world or even next to you has endured struggles as well. Now, as you think of that think about this, you can't do everything alone!


I cut my hair in a short hair style a few days ago, just took the scissors in my hand with a vision in my mind of what I wanted the end result to be. The result was satisfying and when I styled it the look was great! But as I examined it closely a couple days later there were some uneven spots and long stands in the back where it was hard to see, I trimmed away and tried to even what I could but I couldn't get it all, still it looked better. A few days later I looked it over again and it was still a little too long in the back so, I asked my husband to even up the back! He is not a stylist, but I had to trust him with my vision and trust that he could help me take it where It needed to be, that place of accomplishment. It all worked out great!

So this year,regardless of how many times people have disappointed you, know that we need others to help us to reach certain goals in life, just trust God to lead you to those whom you can share your vision with that will help you successfully reach your potential in 2011.

Remember God is with you and this year will be greater than the former, stand strong in your faith and have no fear!


Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International

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