Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A call to Fasting, Prayer and Soaking

June 17, 2012 God has called us to a time of fasting and prayer for the nations: We are fasting and praying here for God to bring revival to the nations and that He will give us great influence to win souls, great influenence in Government, community and that we will receive POWER, INFLUENCE and walk in UNITY as the body of believers! We believe this for the nations there is a GREAT OUTPOURING OF THE SPIRIT that we are on the crust of, I pray you begin to fast and pray AS WELL! WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE SAMUEL FAST! 1 SAMUEL 7: 3-6, putting away anything that is not pleasing to God, denouncing any demonic influences, any habitual sin, or oppressive spirits! Repenting before the Lord (2 CHRONICLES 7:14) personally and corporately, and pouring ourselves out as a drink offering before the Lord, turning our plates down as a sacrifice before Our God on behalf of the nations, the lost, backslidder and the body of Christ. WE NEED REVIVAL, NOW! ISAIAH 58:6-9 This is the fast the Lord has chosen for this hour, and we will expereince a time of refreshing like never before, not momentarily but an overflow in this season. Healing, deliverance, salvation, Judgement, restoration, in our families, churches, communities, cities, states, regions, even the nations! Let us pray now and fast before Our GOD, OUR KING, OUR FATHER, OUR VICTORY, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, OUR HEALER, OUR SHEPEHERD, THAT THE SUFFERING WILL BRING FORTH MUCH GLORY TO ALL! Overseer/Pastor Michelle Ragland Kingdom Restorers Ministry International meet us for prayer and worship before the Lord Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! *Monday @ 8:00 pm Est. Dial: 218-632-0317, access: 366122 *Wednesday via Teleconference: 218-862-1300, Access: 763366 or @ 111 W. Franklin Street Warrenton, NC 27589 *Thursday @ 8:00 pm Est. Dial: 218-632-0317, Access: 366122