Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 05, 2011- Be Sure of Yourself!

Day 05, 2011- Be sure of yourself!

Today should be a continuation of healing and restoration in your life, personally and spiritually.  Preparing you for more events down the road, where you will face difficulty the closer you get to your destination point.  God will continue to reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and you may even experience some rejections by others because of the changes God is brining in your life.  but keep pushing.  Regardless of what you went through or experienced last year, last month, last week or last night, you must BE SURE OF YOURSELF, who God has called you to be!
I come now to the story of King Saul! (1 Sam. 10: 1-27 read in your time )
No I am not talking about the failure of King Saul but the strength that He showed at the disrespect and rejection of others.  Saul we know in this story was chosen by the desire of the people to have a king, God picked him to lead the people because they wanted a king like the neighboring nations.

Side Note: Never want what someone else has,  want only what God has for you, because in what he has given to you are your blessings!

Saul was called and chosen by God to be the king, you have been chosen and called by God to operate in the purpose that he has anointed you to.  Not like any one else but like you! In Sauls case some of them did not feel he could lead them, some of them did not understand how he became king, and so it is that some people will not understand how you have been chosen and set apart for a great work, not only that but they willl not accept you either. 

"But some rebels said,"How can this man save us", so they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he(Saul) held his peace." 1 Sam. 10:27

Saul held his peace because there was nothing to say, God had set him up and positioned him all he had to do was hold his peace.  The anointing of God will speak for you!
This goes far beyond a male and female thing, because people experience this across the board.  They may not have faith in you, believe you, or receive your ministry but know that God has anointed you, ordained you and positioned you to be a blessing to his people.
 So as He may be preparing you in the natural and spiritual, know that God has called you first to be his son, to live a life that represents who he is and to live according to his precepts.
So wether people believe or receive you, don't concern your self with it, know that God has called you to be a person of peace, power, love, humilty, authority and purpose, equipping you with all the spiritual gifts you need to walk it out! Know who you are and be yourself, for there is only one who can do what you have been called to do, you are anointed of God!

"do you see him whom the Lord has chosen, that there is no one like him among all the people?"
1Sam. 10:24

There is greatness in you, God said it, and I believe it!
Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International

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