Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 03, 2011- Maintain Your Posture!

Day 3, 2011 Maintain Your POSTURE! The previous day should have been emotional for those who have been seeking God in days 1&2, but in the midnight hour breakthrough should have come. So today, day 3 is your day of restoration and maintenance. I mean you must focus on a Posture of FAITH, OBEDIENCE, LOVE, PEACE and WORSHIP!
Because of the stripping away of day 2 you should have felt vulnerable and exposed, moving to forgive and be forgiven, this is a hard but necessary place to be and walk through, God is strengthening and restructuring faulty places inside yo...u to fortify you. It will be tragic to wait to deal with these things later, the making stages is the best time to be purged so you can focus later on maintaining the Vision God has given. Today, Maintain your POSTURE! You should feel renewed peace, strength and power in God!

Apostle Michelle Ragland

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