Missions Ministries!

Believer’s in Jesus Christ Ministries International of Nairobi Kenya has a feeding program to give nourishing food to the Orphaned Children of Burundi who have been living on the streets due to civil war ravaging their community.  The Aids epidemic is also causing the youth to be without parents and resources like education, food, clothing and Christian education.
God’s Anointed Women of the Word has partnered with them to assist them in their goal of educating, feeding and clothing the orphan children of Burundi that they may find hope in Jesus Christ through the Gospel Ministry!  Please will you help us today by donating to this mission event?
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Call for donation pick-up Schedule
252-425-3773/ 434-470-3015

Christmas Missions Event!

House of Power Church, Nakuru, Kenya
We have partnered with Pastor Silas Ouma to give the orphan children toys, books, pencils and writing paper for school and Christmas!  Please if you would like to give to these needy children or if you would like to pen pal with a young child please contact us for more information.
You can make a monetary donation at anytime by clicking on the donate button for missions!  Thank You in Advance for your Help!

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praying for the Body of Believers, leaders, the lost, the hurting, sick, afflicted, oppressed, Marriages, Teens, and the nations!

*NEWSLETTER MINISTRY (Bi-Monthly releases, through email or on website PDF- Download)
 we encourage each other with personal testimonies of tribulations and triumphs, helping all women to become better wives, mothers, sisters and community leaders.

*I NEED U TO SURVIVE OUTREACH MINISTRY (Community Clothes, shoes & Coat closet)
we give back to the community in times of need and tragedy, as well as across the world by way of SAMARITANS PURSE and Our Missions Ministries.(Kenya, Burundi, Pakistan)