Sunday, January 30, 2011

God is Calling You!


Date : THURSDAY FEB. 10, 2011


Calling all prayer Warriors from the state of Virginia(south Boston, Boydton, Clarksville, Chase City, Virgilina, etc)
"The highways lie waste, the traveling man ceases. He has broken the covenant, he has despised the cities, he regards no man."
"Now i will arise," says the Lord; "Now I will be exalted, Now I will lift myself up." Isaiah 33:8 & 10

...Surley the prayers of the righteous availeth much and in this season, it is time for the righteous to pray and unite for the state of Virginia, our Cities, our Commuinites, and the Body of Christ!

Intercession is a time when we stand in the gap for others, souls, and we definitely need to be standing for the souls of the lost, drown trodden, sick and afflicted in our state and our state government!

Let us come together and unite in prayer for a common goal, for the Lord to move in a powerful way that will destroy the enemies devices and tactics to bring back old slavery mindsets, and tear down the walls of poverty, addiction, deceit, sickness, and hinderances that would keep the lost from receiving the truth of Jesus Christ.

Come and stand with us as we pray for the state of virginia!
(if you have a prayer Shawl or Tallit, please bring them as we go before the presence of the Lord!)
***** Be advised space is limited please respond by RSVP*******

Contact for more information:

Michelle Ragland
252-213-4012/ 434-470-3015
I cover the state of Virginia in the blood of the Holy one of Israel, I tear down and pluck up every foul demon of Religion that will cause the lost to be cast into the streets outside the church and hold the saints of God in bondage to tradition and rituals hindering their growth and maturity in God. I cast down every thought or int...ention that is contradictory to the will of God for His people, the church, every community, county, city and the entire state of Virginia in Jesus name! I decree blind eyes are opened, stopped eyes be open in the name of Jesus, every demonic yoke of idolatry, sexual immorality, religious strongholds be broken in the name of Jesus, People of God be loosed now and set free by the anointing of the Holy Ghost and walk in the power and authority of God almighty in Jesus name, amen!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progress to Promise Devotional, Day 10, 2011- "You, Be the Remnant!"

Day 10, 2011- "You, Be the Remnant!"

God has set aside of remnant of "Sons" by election that will stand in Faith, enduring the test, persecutions and even if they don't see the promise, or get the thing in their hand they still choose to trust and believe God!
Do you have the faith of Abraham, that even if you don't see it come to pass in your life time that you will walk according to the promise of God believing God for it anyhow? or are you those who will only believe and praise God once you  have received that which He has promised?
 There are some that are in a "stupor", sleep induced, sleep walking their way through religion, who have not received the truth, who have down right refused to accept the grace of God, the deliverance of God, the healing of God, the Power of God or the Love of God.  They walk around with hearts of stone, believeing they can receive the righteouness of God through what they do in the church, or how they do and give to others and have missed the whole purpose of "RELATIONSHIP!"
God desires to have a relationship with you, that He may pour His heart and Mind into you, but because you have refused Him by continuing to seek after your own righteousness the bible says,
"God has given them a spirit of Stupor, eyes that they should not see and ears that they should not hear, to this very day!"
Everything in this world will try and steer you away from God, even in some synagogues, they may cause you to think that God is no longer a Healer, that He no longer does miracles and that everything that is going on in your life is because you have sinned.  That is not true and not always is it sin that cause situations and circumstances in our lives.  Be wise in God and allow the Holy Spirit to come into your heart to open up your understanding to the ways of God and the tactics of the enemy that you may no longer be blind to the lies of the enemy.
Don't walk around blind, Jesus has done it all for you on the cross, come out of your coma, awake Sons, arise and see, "If you continue in His goodness you will be saved but if you turn away or reject Him you will be cutoff."Roman 11:22

Deliverance is available to you this day, you are the remnant who hear the cry of the Lord to your heart, Stay awake I say to you who have received the truth, and wake up to you who have fallen asleep, turn to God, be faithful to Him, O Remnant and you will be saved."

My Prayer:  O Lord our God, I pray that you open the eyes of your people that they may see you, and give them hearts of flesh that they may trust you and walk in your truth.  I loose off of their lives the deception of the enenmy, the teaching of false prophets and  the wounds afflicted on them spiritually by error, and i bind those spirits and every device, manipulation and hinderance that is formed against them to keep them bound into the pit of Hell.  Father I loose now from heaven your liberty, truth, love, peace and joy.  your restorative power, and your healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus, father let them be reconciled back to you in Jesus name, Amen.

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

Progress to Promise Devotional- Day 09, 2011 "Be Acceptable!"

                        Day 09, 2011- "Be Acceptable!"

"And so, dear brothers, I plead with you to give your bodies to God. Let them be a living sacrifice, Holy- the kind He can accept. When you think of what He has done for you, is this too much to ask?" Romans 12:1

Gods will for us is to be Holy, that is the only acceptable way to be in Him.  We have moved so far away from being holy in our walk with God because we take His mercy and grace for granted.  We veer to the left or to the right of the smooth path that He has made for us and  dabble in this and that, not realizing that it is only because of His forbearance that we do not receive the recompense for our behavior and that His loving kindness holds our reward of what we sow, for an extended period of time.  I thank God for Jesus!

God has called us to be holy and righteous and his word declares this:
"If the first fruit is Holy(being Christ) than the Lump is Holy." Christ holy and righteous state was imputed to us through our Faith.  How can we then living unholy and carnal lives be partakers of the gifts and benefits of the Kingdom of God as joint heirs with Him if we are wickedness?  We can not.

so as you go through out your day remember:
1. put on the mind of Christ, "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" and do the will of the Father.
2. "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thine sight, o Lord, my strength and my redeemer" Choose to speak life and think life today, inspite of the adversity you face, bless those that curse you!
3.Present your body a living sacrifice Holy and Acceptable, by watching what you let get in your ear gates, your eye gates and be mindful that you use your being to bring glory to God, your hand to comfort, your feet to support and your mouth to encourage those around you for the sake of the gospel, this is what is acceptable to God!

Let us practice what we preach!

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

 Listen to song under this posting:
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord by Bishop Paul S. Morton!

Hosanna In The Highest - Bishop Paul Morton & Full Baptist Fellowship

Progress to Promise Devotional- Day 08, 2011- "Which DOOR will you choose?"

Day 08, 2011- "Which DOOR will you Choose?

THURA= DOOR,  "Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth and the life.
                                  No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

This month so far has been a door opener and door closer period. God has been opening doors to new opportunities, new dimensions in the spirit and in ministry, but He has also been closing doors to old habits, mindsets, and carnality(saying you love God with your mouth but still can't separate yourself from the world systems.)
In this life we have two(2) choices that have been laid out for us, and i believe they help us to keep our life in perspective as believers and help others, that may have turned away, to make a decision to come back to Christ.
God laid these Two choices out for us in Deuteronomy 30:15-16, 

"See I have set before you today life and good, death and evil, 16) in that i command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes and His judgements, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess."

Although you have experienced trial, fire and purging  we understand that it's working for our good and bringing us closer to God and the purpose He has for us.  But as we come to that spiritual "Fork" in the road, or as I call it the two "DOORS", we must make a decision before we can go any further, No more playing with doubt, because we must be sure of who we are, and when troubles rise up we must rely on our spiritual weapons(2Cor. 10:4-6) and know that, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood."(Ephe. 6:12)
Listen!, with out a doubt, in this season we are in we can no longer allow ourselves to be drawn into the foolishness of the world and flesh we must be Holy and consecrated before God, Life or Death?, Good or Evil? Choose this day!

I know it is hard when you can't see the middle, those things you must endure to get to the promise, but if you see where God wants to take you, take Him at his word.  There is a promise land that you are to possess and the Lord said,
"Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid fo them (khinderance, nay-sayers, backbiters, etc.) for the Lord your God, He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you." Deut. 31:6

So today CHOOSE to trust God, you can accomplish what He has set  before you, with God all things are possible, Go to the door of life and good and on to the promise of God,  leave carnality behind forever!

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

Don't mourn over death when life is leading the way!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vashawn Mitchell - Conqueror

Your are a Conqueror, through Him that Loves you! Stand in your power and Authority!

Progress to Promise- Day 07, 2011 "Whose Son are You?"

Progress to promise Devotional: Day 07, 2011- Whose SON are You? (reading 1 Sam. 17:49-58)
In the battle of David and Goliath, as the giant advanced toward David, David advanced toward the giant, full of faith.  As the armies on both sides watched the giant fall and David take of his head with the Philistine sword, the army of the God was empowered and chased the Philistine soldiers away wounding and slaying some as they went. As king saul watched this take place, he inquired of David and kepts him on as a soldier.
Show yourself strong as you stand face to face with life struggles, remember that others are watching you that may be enduring the same issues or circumstances. so instead of those giants of struggles, finances, unforgiveness, anger or whatever your dealing with overtaking you, You over take them.  Run towards your problems not away from them, full of faith that God is able to deliver you from them, and slay those hinderances of fear and when you have conquerored them, those watching will be empowered to conqueror their own. As you continue to stand in faith towards God, even those in kingly places of authority in the earth will inquire of you, because of your peace, your strength and your faith,
"Whose Son is this youth." 1 Sam. 17:55.

Walk full of the faith, without wavering, continuing steadfast in prayer and fasting before the Lord of Host to continue to kill the flesh, that His Spirit may be poured out in you to overflowing!  Then they will know your father is the Lord! blessings!
Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 06, 2011- You Have the Victory!

Day 06, 2011- You Have The Victory!

This morning as i arose from my lastnights sleep (Thank you Lord), the word victory came to my mind and filled my heart! I have Victory, You have victory! sitting down here to write this devotional i began to think on the Shepherd, the little shepherd boy David!(Read 1 Sam. 17:1-51)
David watched over the sheep of his father and protected them from bears, lions and even GIANTS!  I say giants leading to the story of David and Goliath, now david was a youth and the only experience He had was killing lions, Tigers and bears, oh my!(lol) But there had been a change in him, one he was unaware of until he was in the right situation to bring it out! 

David said to his giant, "you come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel , whom you have defiled." 1 Sam. 17:45

God had elevated David to another level of authority when He ordered his steps and sent him to the battle, and there is were he slayed the 9ft 9" tall giant.  God has given you another level of authority and that is why you are experiencing attacks and hinderances like never before.  You have a bolder Giant coming at you to defile your faith in the God you serve, but i decree to you today as David said,

"This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you .  And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel."
1Sam. 17:46

Jesus the Great Shepherd(John 10:1-11) has given us victory, through faith! We have the Power and Authority to speak to the Giants in our lives and slay their every device or intent.  So today as you remember that you have already been given victory over your GIANTS of financial hardships, depression, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, marital issues, children problems, sickness and addictions, look that Giant face to face and sling the word of God at it in Prayer, Speak what david spoke and take the head off your giants and then give God the Praise, and walk in your victory today!

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International

Below is a Poem that i have written a few years ago that i would like to share with you to encourage you today!(do not copy! this poem is copyright protected, and i give no permission for duplication of this work, michelle Ragland 2006)

Peace and Be still!
I speak to the turbulent winds that whistle by my life,
Peace and Be still!
To the tears of pain, confusion of strain and strife,
Peace and Be still!
For your Holy word proclaims, and this i will maintain;
I am steadfast, Immoveable,
I am the head and not the tail,
I am the lender and not the borrower,
I am the righteousness of God, Joint heir to the throne,
The chosen, a peculiar person, set aside for his use!

I rebuke you spirit of:
anger, lies, deceit, jealousy, animosity, envy. lust, sickness and disease,
Peace and Be still!
I have authority, No weapon formed shall prosper, God said it and I believe it!
World oh, World of destruction......
You can take my home, car, money, for these worldly possessions don't define me, make me or shape me, for I was molded to my makers specification.
I came in this world naked and i will leave naked, carrying nothing.
But I will by the anointing and call of God, give:
peace, joy, love, compassion, kindness and truth to all who are in my path, pre-created before me,
and give food, clothing, shelter, prayer, guidance and respect to all those who the Spirit of God in me orders me to.
So I walk about this world, with a song in my heart and praise on my lips,
Fighting on the battlefield for those known and not yet known to me.
I will continue to press, as God purges me!
continue to pray, as he heals me!
Continue to love, as He teaches me!
Continue to stand, as He strengthens me!

So world of turmoil, trials and tribulations, principalities and darkness,
Michelle Ragland, 3/10/2006

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 05, 2011- Be Sure of Yourself!

Day 05, 2011- Be sure of yourself!

Today should be a continuation of healing and restoration in your life, personally and spiritually.  Preparing you for more events down the road, where you will face difficulty the closer you get to your destination point.  God will continue to reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and you may even experience some rejections by others because of the changes God is brining in your life.  but keep pushing.  Regardless of what you went through or experienced last year, last month, last week or last night, you must BE SURE OF YOURSELF, who God has called you to be!
I come now to the story of King Saul! (1 Sam. 10: 1-27 read in your time )
No I am not talking about the failure of King Saul but the strength that He showed at the disrespect and rejection of others.  Saul we know in this story was chosen by the desire of the people to have a king, God picked him to lead the people because they wanted a king like the neighboring nations.

Side Note: Never want what someone else has,  want only what God has for you, because in what he has given to you are your blessings!

Saul was called and chosen by God to be the king, you have been chosen and called by God to operate in the purpose that he has anointed you to.  Not like any one else but like you! In Sauls case some of them did not feel he could lead them, some of them did not understand how he became king, and so it is that some people will not understand how you have been chosen and set apart for a great work, not only that but they willl not accept you either. 

"But some rebels said,"How can this man save us", so they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he(Saul) held his peace." 1 Sam. 10:27

Saul held his peace because there was nothing to say, God had set him up and positioned him all he had to do was hold his peace.  The anointing of God will speak for you!
This goes far beyond a male and female thing, because people experience this across the board.  They may not have faith in you, believe you, or receive your ministry but know that God has anointed you, ordained you and positioned you to be a blessing to his people.
 So as He may be preparing you in the natural and spiritual, know that God has called you first to be his son, to live a life that represents who he is and to live according to his precepts.
So wether people believe or receive you, don't concern your self with it, know that God has called you to be a person of peace, power, love, humilty, authority and purpose, equipping you with all the spiritual gifts you need to walk it out! Know who you are and be yourself, for there is only one who can do what you have been called to do, you are anointed of God!

"do you see him whom the Lord has chosen, that there is no one like him among all the people?"
1Sam. 10:24

There is greatness in you, God said it, and I believe it!
Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 04, 2011- Be Faithful to the end!

Day 04, 2011- Be Faithful to the End!
As I am blessed to approach this day, I can't help but to reflect on the story of Esther.  Esther endured mashing and pressing for an entire year before she was even allowed to be looked upon by the king.  The process of this Massaging as we call it today was used to rid the body of impurities, cleansing the blood and digestive and urinary tracts by the application of herbs and oils and the manipulation of the flesh by apply pressure with the hands.  This process was painful but it detoxed the body at the same time.  This thought lead me to "FAITHFULNESS!"

Through your time of making, pressing and mashing, you will have opposition and attacks that are only to distract you from the vision, but this is exactly why you have to get the strategies from the Lord as stated in day 01. The enemy does not want you to progress in the vision of God for your life, so you will have to see the devices of the enemy and dismantle them before they are even formed.  You may have experienced resistance from family, friends may have disassociated themselves from you, things may seem to be mounting up against you and you may even feel like giving in! That is to be expected, God is extracting the impurities out of you and bringing His best that is inside you to the top(the creme is rising) so the pressure is on and trust me we have all been there.  I want to encourage you today by saying, "you can make it!" Yes it may be painful, you may feel alone, and you might even feel like your going to die(spiritually) in this season, but God has made provision for you.  He gave you the vision and will see it to completion.  Just remember, God has already done His part it is now up to you to walk it out in faithfulness.
Be Faithful in prayer, Worship, Study, and serving, Trust me if you are when you feel like your weak and can't endure any more, God will "redeem" you from the had of the enemy, strengthening and restoring you that you may accomplish what He spoke you forth to do.

Painful process yes! but we must endure it to grow and mature in God, naturally and Spiritually
when Job was in His season of pressing he proclaimed, "though you slay me yet will I trust you , and my ways will be right before you."  Esther knowing the laws at the time and in desperate need to see the king, fasted and prayed before the Lord and came out confessing, "If I persih, I perish!"  You too must find your proclaimation in your time of pressing and be faithful no matter how deep the water, how dark the tunnel or how boisterous the storm, as Psalms 15: 4, "........He who swears to his own hurt and does not change." you must decree that you will be faithful to the end, stating i will not surrender and I will not quit! My proclaimation or declaration is, "No Surrender, No Retreat!" because i am determinded to making it to the finish line, come what may, Victory is Mine!

Remember Jesus is watching over the work He has started in you and is with you every step of the way!

If God said it! Then all you need to do is trust Him!

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International


Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 03, 2011- Maintain Your Posture!

Day 3, 2011 Maintain Your POSTURE! The previous day should have been emotional for those who have been seeking God in days 1&2, but in the midnight hour breakthrough should have come. So today, day 3 is your day of restoration and maintenance. I mean you must focus on a Posture of FAITH, OBEDIENCE, LOVE, PEACE and WORSHIP!
Because of the stripping away of day 2 you should have felt vulnerable and exposed, moving to forgive and be forgiven, this is a hard but necessary place to be and walk through, God is strengthening and restructuring faulty places inside yo...u to fortify you. It will be tragic to wait to deal with these things later, the making stages is the best time to be purged so you can focus later on maintaining the Vision God has given. Today, Maintain your POSTURE! You should feel renewed peace, strength and power in God!

Apostle Michelle Ragland

Day 02, 2011- Meditate!

Day 2, 2011-Meditate! As God begins to give you strategies to successfully implement change and progression in your life, He will also reveal attitudes and expose weaknesses that may hinder you along the way, but realize it is for your advancement and Fortification in what He has called you to. Meditate, Measure and let him remove those things that will hinder you from reaching your potential!

Be blessed,
Apostle Michelle Ragland

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1, 2011 Be strategic!

Day 1, 2011- Let every Step be strategically ordered by the Lord! Take the offense, implement strategies to change current situations and press into your vision for the future. With direction from God you will see the plan of the enemy to attack, destroy and manipulate the vision, but the offensive strategies the Lord gives you will dismantle those plots before they can be formed! Be strategic in 2011!

Michelle Ragland

Kingdom Apostles Worldwide:

We Are One:

2011, We need each other!

As you plunge into 2011 Remember you are not alone in your ups, downs, disappointments, etc. Someone else in the world or even next to you has endured struggles as well. Now, as you think of that think about this, you can't do everything alone!


I cut my hair in a short hair style a few days ago, just took the scissors in my hand with a vision in my mind of what I wanted the end result to be. The result was satisfying and when I styled it the look was great! But as I examined it closely a couple days later there were some uneven spots and long stands in the back where it was hard to see, I trimmed away and tried to even what I could but I couldn't get it all, still it looked better. A few days later I looked it over again and it was still a little too long in the back so, I asked my husband to even up the back! He is not a stylist, but I had to trust him with my vision and trust that he could help me take it where It needed to be, that place of accomplishment. It all worked out great!

So this year,regardless of how many times people have disappointed you, know that we need others to help us to reach certain goals in life, just trust God to lead you to those whom you can share your vision with that will help you successfully reach your potential in 2011.

Remember God is with you and this year will be greater than the former, stand strong in your faith and have no fear!


Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International

whats leading you?

As 2010 comes to a close, look back over and through all you've been through. Look at the decisions you've made and the consequences that followed them. Look at the connections and friendships or even relationships that you've made and determine whether they are beneficial or draining. Just take a brief look back and evaluate 2010 and then ask yourself this: Have "I" been leading every decision, choice and footstep this year? Or did I allow "God" to order every decision, Choice and footstep? If you have done the Leading, make a conscious decision to allow God to shepherd 2011 for you and I promise, your needs will be supplied, you will be protected and you will be in His perfect will for your life!
Have a blessed Christ*Mas and a very Prosperous 2011 in Christ!
Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorers Ministry International