Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 04, 2011- Be Faithful to the end!

Day 04, 2011- Be Faithful to the End!
As I am blessed to approach this day, I can't help but to reflect on the story of Esther.  Esther endured mashing and pressing for an entire year before she was even allowed to be looked upon by the king.  The process of this Massaging as we call it today was used to rid the body of impurities, cleansing the blood and digestive and urinary tracts by the application of herbs and oils and the manipulation of the flesh by apply pressure with the hands.  This process was painful but it detoxed the body at the same time.  This thought lead me to "FAITHFULNESS!"

Through your time of making, pressing and mashing, you will have opposition and attacks that are only to distract you from the vision, but this is exactly why you have to get the strategies from the Lord as stated in day 01. The enemy does not want you to progress in the vision of God for your life, so you will have to see the devices of the enemy and dismantle them before they are even formed.  You may have experienced resistance from family, friends may have disassociated themselves from you, things may seem to be mounting up against you and you may even feel like giving in! That is to be expected, God is extracting the impurities out of you and bringing His best that is inside you to the top(the creme is rising) so the pressure is on and trust me we have all been there.  I want to encourage you today by saying, "you can make it!" Yes it may be painful, you may feel alone, and you might even feel like your going to die(spiritually) in this season, but God has made provision for you.  He gave you the vision and will see it to completion.  Just remember, God has already done His part it is now up to you to walk it out in faithfulness.
Be Faithful in prayer, Worship, Study, and serving, Trust me if you are when you feel like your weak and can't endure any more, God will "redeem" you from the had of the enemy, strengthening and restoring you that you may accomplish what He spoke you forth to do.

Painful process yes! but we must endure it to grow and mature in God, naturally and Spiritually
when Job was in His season of pressing he proclaimed, "though you slay me yet will I trust you , and my ways will be right before you."  Esther knowing the laws at the time and in desperate need to see the king, fasted and prayed before the Lord and came out confessing, "If I persih, I perish!"  You too must find your proclaimation in your time of pressing and be faithful no matter how deep the water, how dark the tunnel or how boisterous the storm, as Psalms 15: 4, "........He who swears to his own hurt and does not change." you must decree that you will be faithful to the end, stating i will not surrender and I will not quit! My proclaimation or declaration is, "No Surrender, No Retreat!" because i am determinded to making it to the finish line, come what may, Victory is Mine!

Remember Jesus is watching over the work He has started in you and is with you every step of the way!

If God said it! Then all you need to do is trust Him!

Apostle Michelle Ragland
Kingdom Restorer's Ministry International
email: Kingdomrestorersministry@yahoo.com



  1. Dear Michelle Rangland,I wish you new year 2011 in all
    I am Director of Hannah House Burundi
    Hannah House help Orphans,widows,street children,teaching about
    VIH/SIDA in schools and Prisons
    And in my Church Christian Life Asssambly I am Director devellopment

  2. @Bro Jean-boscoe, may your 2011 be prosperous as well my brother!

  3. Thank you for your message,I believe that this year will be well for our program.
    I need to see you in my country in this year to see what we do.