Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  March 17th & 18th   Agape Crusades 2012
"Performing the great commission in the community by sharing the gospel, the love of Jesus and song."

Vision: Winning the Lost souls to the Kingdom of God through the ministry of Prayer, Preaching of the gospel and the Love... of Jesus.

* For the body of believers to unite in one accord for the harvest of the lost in this end time season.
*To through the spirit of oneness and unity, evangelize the gospel of Jesus the Christ regardless of denomination, church or ministry affiliation but because we are all Sons of God.
* To reap the harvest of the lost, destitute and broken world and restorer them back to the Kingdom of God, and a love relationship with the Savior.

To serve in any capacity at the crusades (ex. preaching, prayer warrior, minister in music or Dance)  Contact Overseer Pastor Michelle Ragland by registering  at:


            $20 plus shipping.
To Purchase an event T-Shirt as support to this Evangelistic Outreach Event!