Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A call to Fasting, Prayer and Soaking

June 17, 2012 God has called us to a time of fasting and prayer for the nations: We are fasting and praying here for God to bring revival to the nations and that He will give us great influence to win souls, great influenence in Government, community and that we will receive POWER, INFLUENCE and walk in UNITY as the body of believers! We believe this for the nations there is a GREAT OUTPOURING OF THE SPIRIT that we are on the crust of, I pray you begin to fast and pray AS WELL! WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE SAMUEL FAST! 1 SAMUEL 7: 3-6, putting away anything that is not pleasing to God, denouncing any demonic influences, any habitual sin, or oppressive spirits! Repenting before the Lord (2 CHRONICLES 7:14) personally and corporately, and pouring ourselves out as a drink offering before the Lord, turning our plates down as a sacrifice before Our God on behalf of the nations, the lost, backslidder and the body of Christ. WE NEED REVIVAL, NOW! ISAIAH 58:6-9 This is the fast the Lord has chosen for this hour, and we will expereince a time of refreshing like never before, not momentarily but an overflow in this season. Healing, deliverance, salvation, Judgement, restoration, in our families, churches, communities, cities, states, regions, even the nations! Let us pray now and fast before Our GOD, OUR KING, OUR FATHER, OUR VICTORY, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, OUR HEALER, OUR SHEPEHERD, THAT THE SUFFERING WILL BRING FORTH MUCH GLORY TO ALL! Overseer/Pastor Michelle Ragland Kingdom Restorers Ministry International meet us for prayer and worship before the Lord Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! *Monday @ 8:00 pm Est. Dial: 218-632-0317, access: 366122 *Wednesday via Teleconference: 218-862-1300, Access: 763366 or @ 111 W. Franklin Street Warrenton, NC 27589 *Thursday @ 8:00 pm Est. Dial: 218-632-0317, Access: 366122

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  1. A Call to Fasting and Soaking
    June 24, 2012

    You Were Chosen: There is a strategic time and place in the spirit that God, in His infinite wisdom, calls a remnant of people together to fast and pray. Before the children of Israel would go out to battle they would pray and seek the Lord for clarity, instruction and strategies. After they had received the Go, they would sacrifice in a fast before the Lord, get before Him in prayer, soaking and worship and there would be great victory!

    This is a time of victory in your life, for you have been CHOSEN to partake in a great SPIRITUAL VICTORY for the nations! The task is not for the double minded, nor the Faint of heart, but to them that endure to the end! God in His wisdom , said you are the one, believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe in His prophets and you shall prosper!

    Prayer: Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I bind any backlash or retaliation of satan or his demonic army in the life of my brother or sister now in the name of Jesus and I Command the spirit man to arise in authority, power and dominion, Now in the earth, that we may see the manifestation of your glorious power through them in the earth. Father, I curse the spirit of sabotage at the root, the deaf and dumb spirit, that death spirit and I prophesy to the dry dead bones to get up in the name of Jesus, wake up from your stupor and be ignited by the breath of God, the fire of God, the living waters and be made whole today in the name of Jesus. No more identity crisis, no more double mindedness, no more fear, no more oppression or depression, no more bondages or fetters you are free in the name of the Lord Jesus, Spirit of liberty fall fresh right now in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen! Hallelujah!, Glory, Hallelujah!

    Stage 2: Fasting and Soaking!

    We are still in a fast before the Lord prescribed for Monday thru Friday,
    Time: 6:00 am- 6:00pm (as the Holy Spirit leads you)

    God has now given us the Call to Soak and be saturated in His presence!

    Scripture of meditation: Ezekiel 37:1-22

    After Prayer has gone forth we are to lay in his presence to receive an impartation, instruction, direction, strategies, Power, and also to release some things to Him, hindrance, strongholds of low self esteem, fear, doubt, anxiety, depression,etc. In this quiet place God can and will do surgery because we release ourselves to his capable hands to make us over, transforms us for his glory! Remember God has called you to this and He has well equipped you, this is your time of awakening and activation in the things of the spirit!

    Time of Soaking: Monday- thru Friday
    Duration: 30 min- 1hour or more as the spirit leads but not less.

    *This is a time of sacrifice and quiet, not a time of Prayer or talking but a time of reflecting of the Goodness of God.

    Attached is a sample of some soaking music for your listiening, spontaneous worship, Enjoy and be blessed!

    Pastor Michelle Hawkins Ragland


    soaking worship

    "soaking worship", a playlist created by GodsAnointedWomen
    Sharesoaking worshipwww.youtube.com"soaking worship", a playlist created by GodsAnointedWomen