Thursday, February 2, 2012

Go! Is a two letter command that causes faith to be activated! 

Go=> to follow a certain course of action; to function correctly.

When Jesus forgave sins, healed people of their infirmities or sicknesses, he would then give them a commandment to Go, Sin no more, to your home, to your family. So we must understand that when we get a word from God that it is received when we began to act on what he said. When we GO, we put our faith to action and the word is manifested in our lives. You must walk in this day not reflecting on the word that was spoken but putting your faith to action by walking out what was said and causing it to manifest in your life! Go, and sin no more- you have to follow a certain course of Action which is righteousness, Go and be blessed- you have to follow a certain course of Action so that you receive your blessing, Go and create wealth- you must follow the course of action for that witty Idea, that business that would bring you into your wealthy place! It will not happen by osmosis, so you must Go! So get busy! Blessings!

Pastor Michelle Ragland

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